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When deciding on the perfect pin up hair style consult a pin up stylist. Pin up hair is unique and requires the talent of a stylist specialized in hair from the pin up ear. Find creative styles from the retro era. Let the pin up stylist create a new pin up style for your next photo shoot or that special night out.
Pin Up Stylist
Wear your new hairstyle in one of our pin up girl swimsuits. Makes a fashion statement at the beach with your new hairstyle from the Pin Up Stylist. Show off by the poolside or at a summer backyard barbecue.  Make his heart thump with classic pinup swimwear, retro swimsuits and vintage bikini styles brought back from a favorite era.

Pinup swimsuits are a blend of sexy fabrics with ruffles, bright colors and many different prints to resemble the original pinup swimwear like that of American icons from yesteryear.  Dare to go back in time with a retro hairstyle and a new wardrobe from Pin up Doll  and more!
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